Published: 30/05/2023

Sun protection and aging due to UV exposure are increasingly hot topics in the cosmetics industry and, amidst the sea of available options, finding products that go beyond traditional UV filters can be challenging.

In its quest for innovation, LEHVOSS has embarked on a collaboration with Roka Furadada, a young and highly technological company capable of offering an effective and remarkable solution that emulates nature's behavior.

‌ROKA Smart UV® is the name of their patented technology, a family of molecules that takes sun protection to a whole new level. Adaptation is the keyword behind their concept: why apply large amounts of sunblock to our face, body, or hair when we spend a considerable part of our day indoors, shielded from the sun? Why rely on protection that, according to dermatological recommendations, needs to be reapplied every two hours, which our lifestyle often makes impractical in an urban environment?

UV filters are products that can harm the environment, and no one wants an ingredient on their face that only remains effective for a limited length of time.

LEHVOSS addresses these needs with ROKA Smart UV® PvB 360, the first molecule of its kind in the world of cosmetics. It is an ingredient that leverages precursor chemistry, activating only when exposed to sunlight. This ingredient absorbs UVB radiation and transforms into a new chemical entity capable of absorbing the entire spectrum of UVA radiation.

‌Prior to exposure, the molecule remains dormant on our skin, only initiating its transformation when we are exposed to sunlight. In vitro and in vivo tests accompanying this ingredient have shown that this approach allows our active ingredient to remain responsive throughout the day, providing maximum protection levels up to 6 hours after use.

ROKA Smart UV® PvB 360 is not a sunscreen, but an active ingredient that provides adaptive, gradual, long-lasting photoprotection.

By absorbing in the UVA radiation spectrum, it offers the best solution to the problem of photoaging. This liposoluble ingredient is designed to revolutionize the field of protection. It can be used as an anti-aging ingredient or as an SPF booster in skincare, hair care, and make-up products.

‌Just as a chameleon perfectly adapts to its surroundings, we too can respond to solar aggressions on our skin in a targeted, intelligent manner and, most importantly, only when such protection is necessary. Like photochromic lenses that protect our eyes when excess light could be harmful, ROKA Smart UV® provides us with an active ingredient that responds when needed, avoiding unnecessary exposure to sun filters that degrade, lose effectiveness and pollute our waters.


It's time to embrace the world of intelligent photoprotection!



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Published: 30/05/2023