About us

Roka Furadada is a Deep-Tech start-up founded in Barcelona in 2019 with a clear mission: to reduce the incidence of skin cancer and other skin diseases related to UV radiation through research, development, production and sales of highly efficient active ingredients, with low toxicological and environmental impact.

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Our Mission

Roka Furadada was founded in Barcelona in 2019 and our mission is to reduce the incidence of skin cancer and other UV radiation-related skin diseases through research, development, production and sale of highly efficient active ingredients, with a low toxicological and environmental impact.

Our Vision

  • To avoid or reduce the impact of sunscreens on human health.
  • To avoid or reduce the impact of sunscreens on the aquatic ecosystems.
  • To produce sustainable products at local facilities, using by-products from other industries, consuming fewer resources (water, energy, materials) and generating low-impact waste.
  • To create jobs that pay fair salaries with women taking center stage.

Judit Camargo

CEO & Founder

Judit has over fifteen years' management experience working with leading pharmaceutical companies in an international context, mostly at Ferrer International. Her professional experience has covered the entire value chain of concession business: quality, manufacturing, R+D, planning, procurement, logistics, sales, marketing, and strategic business development. In the last 10 years her dedication has been exclusively to the business development of new products, markets, and partners. Judit holds a degree in Chemistry, a MSc in Applied Clinical Research in Health Sciences, and a MSc in Biomedical Research in Public Health. She has also completed a PMD in IESE Business School and a postgraduate program in leadership, communication, and foreign trade in ESCI.


Our extraordinary team

Salvador Garcia

Executive Director & Investor

Claudia Navarro

Regulatory Affairs Manager

Ángel M. Valdivielso


Joan Atcher

Industrialization Manager

Cristina Moya

Researcher, Organic Chemistry

María Pin Nó

Bio-Based Product Synthesis Specialist

Irene Delgado

Cosmetic Applications Manager

Sònia Espinosa


Jordi Salabert

R&D Manager

Aina Ximelis

Researcher in Cosmetic Applications

Laia Garcia

Quality & Analysis Development Manager

Judit Bigas

Scientific Project Manager

Gonzalo Rotea

Scientific Researcher on Bio-based products

Alba Fernández

Researcher in Cosmetic Applications

Emma Torras

Researcher in Cosmetic Aplications

Oscar Gutiérrez

Organic and Interfacial Chemistry Researcher

Carlos Vila Molares

Business Development Manager

Marco Jan Klein

Business Development Manager

Nerea Montoliu

Analytical Chemistry Intern

Damelis Catherine Lopez Torres

Business Development Manager