What is ROKA Smart UV® technology?

The new photo-adaptive technology that protects skin from UV light. 

ROKA Smart UV® active ingredients absorb UV radiation which transforms them into new molecular structures that keep absorbing at a different UV range and provide high levels of long-lasting photoprotection.

Our ROKA Smart UV® products stay dormant until they receive sunlight, which allows them to offer a tailored photoprotection that adapts to environmental conditions.


Key advantages

Mechanism of action/How it works

ROKA Smart UV® active ingredients absorb UVB radiation (290-320 nm) undergoing a photochemical transformation (photoactivation) to become new molecular structures that keep absorbing at different wavelengths. Our molecules provide protection at various UV regions.

  1. 01 ROKA Smart UV® PvB 360 becomes a UVA absorber (320 to 400 nm)
  2. 02 ROKA Smart UV® ITM 330+ becomes a UVB & UVA-II absorber (290 to 340 nm)

Key advantages

  • Contrary to common UV filters, ROKA Smart UV® active ingredients do not degrade when exposed to sunlight.
  • Our products absorb in the UVA region in a dose-dependent way, boosting the UVA-PF of sunscreen formulas.
  • They adapt to light conditions, protecting when needed and lasting longer. The more sun exposure, the more protection.

How ROKA can help with your formulation

Working with our cosmetic formulations & applications department

Our cosmetic formulation team can guide you to use our products at their full potential. Check their recommendations in our formulation guides..

Developing high quality products with our partners 

We partnered with key players in the cosmetic industry to understand the needs of the user and to develop the best formulas with ROKA FURADADA’s signature.


What media say

News 24/11/2023

EAE Business School Barcelona reconeix a les millors emprenedores de Catalunya amb el seu rànquing EAE TOP 10

• El lliurament de premis va tenir lloc ahir a la Sala Àgora d’EAE Business School Barcelona amb la presència de les finalistes i gran part del jurat • Elisabet del Valle encapçala el rànquing, amb el suport del 86% del jurat, amb Onalabs Inno Hubs, que desenvolupa, fabrica i comercialitza dispositius mèdics que monitoren la salut a través de la pell i la suor

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News 01/08/2023

Strategic Partnership Between ROKA FURADADA and LEHVOSS Italia S.r.l brings ROKA Smart UV® , a Breakthrough Technology, to the Italian Market

LEHVOSS Italia S.r.l is proud to announce a strategic partnership with ROKA FURADADA, a leading innovator in the personal care segment, to introduce their revolutionary ROKA Smart UV® technology to the Italian market. This collaboration will pave the way for the development of a new generation of cosmetic products with on-demand and long-lasting photoprotection, leveraging ROKA FURADADA's patented dose-dependent progressive UV active ingredients.

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News 24/07/2023

ACCIÓ: Roka Furadada, one of the 10 most disruptive companies in Catalonia

ACCIÓ recognizes the 10 most disruptive companies in Catalonia for 2023. The companies and startups that have received the 'Catalonia Exponential Leaders' distinction, which recognizes leaders in the field of disruptive innovation, are AldoraTech, Aortyx, Avinent, BUSUP, Concentrol, Jolt, MiMark Diagnostics, Mitiga Solutions, Roka Furadada and Sener.

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