The first photo-adaptive UV active ingredient

ROKA Smart UV® PvB 360 is the first UV active ingredient with the patented technology ROKA Smart UV® that responds to sunlight. ROKA Smart UV® PvB 360 absorbs UVB  radiation undergoing a change in its molecular structure to become a UVA active (320 – 400 nm).


Adaptive UVA-PF boosting

ROKA Smart UV® PvB 360 increases the UVA-PF of the formula when exposed to sunlight, providing a long-lasting adaptive protection and shielding the user when needs it the most. ROKA Smart UV® PvB 360 is a battery of protection against UVA radiation.

Photoageing prevention dual mechanism

ROKA Smart UV® PvB 360 prevents photoageing caused by UVA radiation with a double mechanism. It avoids the formation of Reactive Oxygen Species and it prevents the damage in the mitochondrial DNA in a radiation dose-dependent way.

Hair colour fading prevention

Hair oil containing ROKA Smart UV® PvB 360 prevents the fading of hair colour caused by UVA radiation. The protection increases gradually when ROKA Smart UV® PvB 360 is activated with sunlight.


Sun Care

Skin Care

Hair Care

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